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Diet Willpower in a Dot!

Yale Doctor's New 3-Hour Time-Release Breath Mint Curbs the Cravings for the Foods that Make Us Fat

Stay on Your Structured and Portion Control Diet. Stop Unhealthy

Snacking, Binging, Mood Eating Between Meals. Burn More Fat
Instead of Sugar for Energy. Get Control of Your Body and Your Life

Tiny, Dot-Sized Mint Takes 3 Hours to Dissolve in Your Mouth While It Helps Curb Your Cravings for Refined Carbohydrates (Sugar & Flour-based Foods) and Helps Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels So You Burn More Fat for Energyand More Quickly Lose Weight

Ann Romney's Physician Brother Gained Weight on the Campaign Trail
When Jim Davies, MD worked on his brother-in law Mitt Romney's presidential campaign as the National Co-Chair of
Physicians for Romney, he developed bad eating habits and gained over 20 pounds.

Constantly eating fast foods (hamburgers, fries, pizza, soda, donuts, pastries, candy) on the run, Jim realized his appetite and his health were out of control. That's when he turned to his Romney co-chair and Yale-educated physician Greggory R. DeVore, MD for advice.

Dr. DeVore told him about a new time-release breath mint he had developed called SuppressMint
®. The tiny, dot-sized, slow-dissolve mint was fortified with the safe, proven and all-natural appetite suppressant chromium picolinate.

Finally Lost 45 Pounds with SuppressMint

"'I'm 64 and had 50 pounds to lose to get back to my ideal college weight of 175 pounds. Throughout the years I tried all of the eating plans such as Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem. These plans give you structure (all meals are prepared and you know what you're going to eat or breakfast, lunch and dinner days in advance) and portion control (basically 1200 calories per day).


On each of these plans, I did OK for a week or so but the cravings between the meals eventually got to me and I finally gave up, went back to my old eating habits and kept gaining weight.

I learned about SuppressMint from a friend who had lost a lot of weight. He told me to go back to Nutrisystem but use the SuppressMint between meals to curb the cravings.


I did what he suggested and now, four months later, I'm down to 180 with 5 pounds left to go.

I'm not hungry anymore between meals and feel full and satisfied after meals. I learned that the chromium in the SuppressMint also helps stabilize blood sugar levels so we burn more fat for energy rather than sugar and muscle (protein to sugar). I think it's really helped accelerate my weight/fat loss. It truly is "willpower in a dot!' 
Ron Christensen, Boise, ID.

What is SuppressMint?
SuppressMint® is a dot-sized, long-lasting, slow-dissolve time-release breath mint that is fortified with the proven dietary supplement and appetite suppressant Chromax® (chromium picolinate). 

You simply put the mint in your mouth between your gum and cheek where it takes up to three hours to dissolve, and then, forget about it.

During the time it takes to dissolve or "melt" many people report they lose their desire and cravings for foods that make us all fat—especially refined carbohydrates (cakes, cookies, chips, ice-cream, donuts, pastries, soda, etc.).

The end result is that you have the willpower to overcome the temptations and cravings that these foods stimulate and the willpower to stay on a healthy dieting and eating program so you can lose all the unhealthy body fat you want and to keep it off for good.




Developed by Doctors
SuppressMint® was developed by two doctors, Greggory R. DeVore, MD (a Yale-educated OBGYN/Fetal-Maternal Specialist) and Douglas Pratt, PHARM D. (UCSF Medical School with focus in time-release drug delivery systems).

After 10 years of research, the mint they finally developed (ForeverMints
®) is the size of a "dot," rests comfortably and undetectably between your gum and the cheek, and takes hours to dissolve instead of minutes like traditional breath mints.


As it dissolves, it continually releases all-natural peppermint flavoring and Xylitol—an all natural sweetener that promotes oral health (fights cavities, plaque, re-mineralizes tooth enamel and kills the germs that cause bad breath).

The doctors started getting reports that their mints were helpful to people who were dieting or trying to adhere to a healthy eating discipline.

The doctors looked into this phenomenon and learned that the peppermint flavoring was a mild appetite suppressant and the presence of the mint in the mouth for up to three hours created a sense of oral gratification that helped curb snacking and binge eating behavior.

Further investigation showed that if they fortified their breath mint with an essential trace element necessary for good health called chromium (Chromax
®), the mint would go from a mild appetite suppressant to a "super-charged" one.

Chromax®: The Magic in the Mint
SuppressMint is fortified with Chromax®  (dietary chromium picolinate). With over 20 active patents, hundreds of clinical studies, and extensive reviews for clinical safety and efficacy, Chromax®  has been shown to be safe and highly effective in:


 (1). Appetite control & weight management;

 (2). Sugar metabolism & insulin resistance;

 (3). Reducing fatigue & increasing energy; and

 (4). Brain health, positive mood & mental alertness.

When used in combination with SuppressMint's oral slow dissolve delivery technology, Chromax® avoids the potency degradation of tablets that are dissolved by gastric juices in the stomach and is continuously released in the mouth on a sustained schedule of up to three hours per dot. Chromax® is flavorless and does not interfere with SuppressMint's peppermint flavor profile.


Appetite Control & Weight Management


Chromax® has been shown to support weight loss by helping to regulate eating behavior and reduce carbohydrate cravings, appetite and caloric intake -- all without increasing hunger levels.

Chromax supplementation can also help reduce stored excess body fat, increase or maintain lean muscle tissue (where fat is burned) and, as a result,  lead to excess fat loss. Chromax® inhibits the synthesis of new fat from carbohydrates, thus freeing the mitochondria to burn already stored fat.



Sugar Metabolism & Insulin Resistance


Impaired sugar (glucose) metabolism contributes to an increase of insulin in the blood that results in more sugar being burned for energy than fat.

When cells are insulin impaired or resistant, excess fat is stored and we get increasingly obese. When blood sugar levels drop, we become fatigued and our bodies crave more unhealthy sugar and starch-based foods for quick energy. This negative cycle leads to even greater obesity and eventually, if unchecked, insulin resistance and diabetes.


Since 1965, more than 369 studies have looked at the effects of Chromax® on insulin resistance. This expanding body of research indicates that chromium optimizes the action of insulin to convert more fat into energy and stabilize blood sugar levels



Reduces Fatigue & Increases Energy


Satisfying the cravings for sugar and starch-rich, quick energy foods, can lead to tiredness and fatigue.

Chromax® has been shown to significantly reduce fatigue and boost energy by improving sugar metabolism to help keep energy levels constant throughout the day.





Brain Health, Positive Mood & Cognitive Function

Optimal cognitive function such as memory, perception and cognition, requires a constant supply of glucose to the brain. As a result, low levels of glucose can lead to a breakdown in cognitive function and have a harmful effect on overall brain health.


Chromax®  supports brain glucose transmitter function and contributes to improved glucose metabolism, significantly affecting a healthy mood (depression) and cognitive function. Research has shown that Chromax®  supports cognitive function, learning, recall, recognition and memory tasks and may help ameliorate dementia by reducing sugar levels in the brain.

How to Use SuppressMint

The best time to use SuppressMint is between meals (after breakfast, lunch and dinner) or when you are most tempted to snack on unhealthy foods. The mint will take up to three hours to dissolve in your mouth but the Chromax® will have a longer appetite surpressing effect than three hours. During this time, your inclination and desire to eat should be greatly reduced. To use SuppressMint, follow these four steps:

SuppressMint Frequently Asked Questions

  Q.  What are the Ingredients in SuppressMint?

  A. The active ingredient in SuppressMint is 24 mcg of chromium picolinate (Chromax®) a nutritional supplement/essential trace element that is crucial to good health. The mint-based delivery system contains all natural peppermint and menthol flavors, hypromellose (cellulose), Xylitol (natural sweetener that promotes positive oral health), algin (gel extracted from seaweed—flavorless & odorless), sodium chloride & magnesium stearate (lubricant for tableting) and .005 micrograms of sucralose (one-part per million).

Adults should not exceed over 200 mcg of chromium picolinate per day (8 SuppressMint dots).

SuppressMint is gluten free and contains no calories. 

You should always consult with your physician and/or health care provider before taking any nutritional supplements.


  Q.  Can I Use SuppressMint If I'm Pregnant?

  A. Chromax® is a safe nutritional supplement. However, women should not take chromium supplements during pregnancy or breast-feeding unless advised to do so by their health care provider.


  Q. Can I Take SuppressMint with Liver and/or Kidney Disease?

  A. Don’t take chromium supplements if you already have kidney problems or if you have liver disease.


  Q.  I'm Diabetic. Can I Take SuppressMint?

  A. Chromium might lower blood sugar levels too much if taken along with diabetes medications. If you have diabetes, use chromium products cautiously and monitor blood glucose levels closely. Dose adjustments to diabetes medications might be necessary. Consult with your diabetes physician before taking chromium supplements.


  Q.  Does the Chromium Effect the Taste of SuppressMint?

  A. The chromium used in SuppressMint is flavorless and odorless. SuppressMint tastes just like a typical breath mint with its sweet, minty flavor.


  Q. With What Diet/Eating Plan Does SuppressMint Work Best?

  A. SuppressMint is not a diet in and of itself but should help you control your cravings for unhealthy foods no matter what diet or eating program you're on.

  Q. I Have Bad Breath When I Diet? Will SuppressMint Help Bad Diet Breath?

  A.   Metallic or "ketone" bad breath is common among dieters. SuppressMint is the perfect for this dieting side-effect. SuppressMint works to mask this type of bad breath for up to the three hours it takes to dissolve in your mouth.

  Q. What Do Dentists Think About the Oral Health Benefits of the Mint ?

  A.   In a January 2015 independent clinical evaluation of dentists conducted by the prestigious Clinicians Report Foundation, 88% of the dentists who evaluated ForeverMints (the base carrier for SuppressMints) rated it as excellent or good. Seven out of 10 said they would incorporate the mint into their practice. The dentists reported the benefits were that the tabs were small and discreet, lasted a long time, had a pleasant flavor, adhered well to the gingiva (gum and cheek) and stimulated salivation and was good for dry mouth.




"I Have Reached My Goal of
25 Pounds Weight Loss."

Kathleen Terhufen of Globe, AZ had a  positive experience with SuppressMint. She writes, "I was working toward a goal of losing 25 pounds. I noticed an immediate difference in my appetite while using SuppressMint. I use them in the morning right when I go to work, and then after lunch at work. They decrease my appetite (no physical hunger) and I have no cravings (emotionally satisfying) and no desire to snack.


"I have reached my goal of 25 pounds weight loss," concludes Kathleen. "I have since purchased 10 bottles of SuppressMint so that I won't run out any time soon!! I LOVE SUPPRESSMINT!!!"

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Simply by putting the time-release mint between the gum and the cheek and letting it dissolve over its three hour duration, Dr. DeVore, assured Jim it could help him lose weight by curbing his appetite for the foods that made him fat. Dr. DeVore said it was like "willpower in a dot."


"I Lost 20 pounds in 6 Weeks . . . The Willpower I Need to Avoid Unhealthy Snacking"
"Since I began using SuppressMints® on a regular basis over 3 months ago," reports Dr. Davies, "I've steadily lost weight; in fact, I lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks, and have been able to keep the weight off since."


"I find," continues Dr. Davies, "that the chromium-fortified SuppressMints® have kept the “munchies” at bay—those carbohydrate-loaded snacks that are so tasty; and the effect is long-lasting—especially in the late afternoon and evening when I would normally develop a craving. The mints last for 3 hours and give me the will power I need to avoid unhealthy snacking."